Counselling Office

All women with problems in their partnership and family find help, support and assistance in our counselling office. We either counsel them on the phone or make a prompt appointment for personal consultation.

The counselling is anonymous, free of charge and open-ended.

We provide the following services in our counselling centre:

- Counselling in the event of physical violence and mental abuse in a marriage and partnership
- Admission to our home for battered women and/or referral to other homes for battered women
- General consultation
- Assistance with questions regarding the upbringing of children (children as victims of violence between partners)
- Consultation with regard to restraining orders
- General advice pertaining to Hartz IV
- Counselling of stalking victims
- Arrangements are made for professional help (female doctors, female attorneys, female psychologists, etc.)
- Cooperation with the Youth and Welfare Office, Police and Alien Registration Office, etc.

How you can reach us:

Please contact us by phone

Telephone No.: 07131 / 507853
Regular Telephone Hours: Mon. Wed. Fri. 10.00 AM to - 12 Noon

Mobile Phone: 0179 / 5255375
(around the clock)