Children in the home for battered women

As numerous scientific studies have proven in the past few years, the children subjected to violence in the home are not just witnesses but also always victims of violence. Instead of love and a sense of well being and security they experience fear and insecurity. This will always leave a negative impact on the children’s healthy development.

The violence experienced by the children in their youth frequently continues through their adult age. Very often the boys will become perpetrators and the girls will be victims.

To stop this cycle of violence it is necessary that children are given a chance early on in order to pave their way for a violent free life. This chance could be the refuge in a home for battered women, together with their mother.

We provide the following services for children:

- One-on-one talks and group sessions
- Homework done under supervision
- Child care
- Play and handicraft afternoons
- Role playing games
- Excursions
- Leisure time activities (swimming pool, playground, cinema, theatre, circus, etc.)
- Cooperation with the Kindergarten, school and youth and welfare office
- Arrangements are made for professional help (child guidance counselling, speech therapist, etc.)