Home for battered women

In our home for battered women we provide protection and shelter for physically and mentally abused women and their children. The address of the home is kept secret.

In an atmosphere free of fear and violence they experience peace, security receive assistance and are able to distance themselves from their traumatic experiences of the past.

Each woman independently organises her every day life. She lives alone or shares a room with her children. The kitchen and bathroom are shared with two other residents.

All-in-all, the house has two 3-room apartments and provides room for 6 women and up to 14 children.

On their way to an independent and self-determined life the women are accompanied and supported by our full-time staff members.

The following services are provided in our home for battered women:

- One-on-one talks and group sessions at regular intervals
- Assistance with the household management
- Consultation with regard to the upbringing of children
- They will be accompanied to the Unemployment Office, Social Services Department, Youth and Welfare Office and Family Court
- Arrangements are made for professional help (female doctors, female attorneys, female psychologists, etc.)
- Cooperation with the Youth and Welfare Office, Police and Alien’s Registration Office, etc.
- Weekly residents meeting
- Women’s breakfasts
- Festivities and Celebrations (birthdays, Christmas, etc.)
- Leisure time activities (excursions, movie visits, etc.)

How you can reach us:

Please contact us by phone

Telephone No.: 07131 / 507853
Regular Telephone Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri., 10.00 AM to 12.00 noon

Mobile Phone: 0179 – 525 5375
(around the clock)